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When is Kratom not considered a food? What do you need to know about its offer and promotion?

Kratom is becoming more and more popular among people looking for natural and alternative options to improve their health and well-being. However, there are certain rules that must be followed when offering and promoting Kratom. Failure to comply may result in Kratom being considered a food, which may affect its sales and availability. If you also want to know more about the circumstances under which Kratom is not considered food and can be sold for collectible purposes, then read on.

A) The first condition why SzPI may not consider Kratom as food , is when the product is labeled as a non-food product. This fact must be clearly stated on the packaging, but also in the offer and promotion of the product, for example on the e-shop or advertising websites. Formulations can be, for example, "the product is not food - in no case is it intended for consumption alone or mixed with other substances".

B) The category to which the product belongs and what the instructions for use are are also important. The instructions should be concise and should clearly show that the use of Kratom is different from consumption, for example as a cosmetic, cleaning agent, etc.

C) SzPI does not recognize Kratom as a food when the product offer includes instructions for use that relates to its consumption. Such information must not be included in the promotion, as well as instructions for consumption or references to the history or countries where Kratom is consumed. Regardless of how this information is presented, its content can be dangerous to consumers.

D) Last but not least, user reviews that are presented as part of a sale or promotion must not contain information that would could reasonably be interpreted as consumptive.

E) don't forget the correct VAT rate. Food has 15%, but kratom is not a food. That means 21%.

Kratom has many positive effects, but it is important to follow certain rules and conditions when offering and promoting it. In this article, you have learned about the four main conditions for Kratom to be considered a food. If you want to promote this amazing natural product, make sure that you have the proper permission from the relevant authorities and that you follow all laws and regulations regarding the promotion of not only Kratom.

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