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Kratom powder | Green Green Bali Kratom | Lab tested | GREENGURU

Kratom powder | Green Green Bali Kratom | Lab tested | GREENGURU

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GreeGuru Green Kratom delivers the strongest and most natural effects of your favorite plant without all the veins and stems. Our kratom comes from only the highest quality leaves that are carefully fermented to bring you a product that is invigorating, uplifting and motivating. At higher doses, GreeGuru can even bring feelings of euphoria, making it perfect for parties or any festive occasion! GreeGuru is also recommended for days when you need energy and focus while driving, studying or working. What's more, our kratom powder is ground to an incredibly fine texture, which means more of its beneficial effects go directly into your body. And every order is 1× UV sterilized in Indonesia, so you know quality is a part of every production step. So what are you waiting for? Get GreeGuru Green Kratom today!


  • 5 – maximum effects, 1 – minimum effects
  • euphoria and good mood: 5
  • concentration, appetite for work and learning: 4
  • motivation for training: 3
  • pain relief: 3
  • sleep improvement: 3
  • relief from depression and social phobias: 4

Test results for HEAVY METALS. The detected values ​​comply with the maximum limits for food supplements according to Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1881/06 (Hg=0.1 mg/kg, Pb=3.0 mg/kg, Cd=1.0 mg/kg)

Test results for MYCOTOXINS. All in EU standards.

Test results for PESTICIDES. Tested for over 400 types of pesticide residues

Test results for MITRAGYNINE. t63>.

GreeGuru presents an innovative and natural way to relieve various ailments. Our kratom is obtained from a plant with a long, historical use - it has stimulating and euphoric effects on the user. This amazing plant is known to offer a wide range of health benefits such as reducing acute and chronic pain, depression, stress, insomnia, exhaustion, respiratory ailments and helping to reduce addiction. the two main active alkaloids in our kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine - both of which have their own unique properties that work synergistically to create an exceptional product. At GreeGuru, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality Kratom that is carefully processed to ensure its quality. Try our GreeGuru Kratom today for a fast-acting source of relief with long-lasting effects!

GreeGuru is proud to offer its customers a unique collection of high-quality kratom originating from Southeast Asia. Due to current legislation, Kratom is only available as a collector's item, therefore the seller does not support internal use. However, our products are ideal for those who want to enjoy its many benefits without compromising their health. Our selection allows you to find the ideal strain for your needs and tastes and experience the powerful effects of this herb in a safe way. All of our kratom is produced from sustainably yet ethically sourced harvests, ensuring you're getting the strongest possible product with a significant concentration of beneficial alkaloids. Whether you're looking for invigorating or relaxing effects, GreeGuru has something for everyone!

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nemám co dodat. Kratom je kratom a tento je v pohodě.