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Kratom powder | Red Red Jongkong Kratom | Lab tested | GREENGURU

Kratom powder | Red Red Jongkong Kratom | Lab tested | GREENGURU

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GreeGuru offers a unique and high quality green kratom blend that is specially fermented for those seeking relaxation. This product offers a number of health benefits, including improved sleep and relief from chronic conditions. Additionally, the red kratom in this product is known to reduce overall stress and help you relax. The powder itself is very fine, making it ideal for use in any setting or environment. As an additional guarantee of quality, all GreeGuru Kratom blends are UV sterilized in Indonesia to maintain freshness and potency. Whether you're looking for relaxation during a busy day at work or need relief from chronic pain, GreeGuru's green kratom blend will satisfy you.


  • 5 – maximum effects, 1 – minimum effects

  • euphoria and good mood: 3
  • concentration, appetite for work and learning: 3
  • motivation for training: 2
  • pain relief: 5
  • improve sleep: 5
  • relief from depression and social phobias: 4

Test results for HEAVY METALS. The detected values ​​comply with the maximum limits for food supplements according to Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1881/06 (Hg=0.1 mg/kg, Pb=3.0 mg/kg, Cd=1.0 mg/kg)

Test results for MYCOTOXINS. All in EU standards.

Test results for PESTICIDES. Tested for over 400 types of pesticide residues

Test results for MITRAGYNINE. t68>.

RED Kratom by GreeGuru is the ideal solution for those who want to relax, unwind or just unwind. This special formula is based on Green Kratom and is fermented for a short time to create the optimal balance of effects. Users report improved sleep quality, reduced discomfort and pain, and better relaxation after just taking a small dose. Whether you're looking for something to wind down at the end of the day or trying to manage a stressful situation, GreeGuru's Red Kratom could be your new helper to help you relax and feel more balanced. All natural ingredients are ethically and responsibly sourced from around the world, and you can trust that every GreeGuru product meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Try red kratom today and experience its calming effects!

. Our selection allows you to find the ideal strain for your needs and tastes and experience the powerful effects of this herb in a safe way. All of our kratom is produced from sustainably yet ethically sourced harvests, ensuring you're getting the strongest possible product with a significant concentration of beneficial alkaloids. Whether you're looking for invigorating or relaxing effects, GreeGuru has something for everyone!

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