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Kratom powder | White White Jonkkong Kratom | Lab tested | GREENGURU

Kratom powder | White White Jonkkong Kratom | Lab tested | GREENGURU

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GreeGuru brings you a unique green kratom with added leaf veins to create a lighter color. This white kratom is slightly weaker than green but produces similar effects such as increased concentration, motivation and performance, making it ideal for hard-working athletes. Offers a pleasant feeling of mild euphoria and an uplifting sensation that can help energize and provide relief from fatigue. Our kratom is ground into an incredibly fine powder and 2x UV sterilized in Indonesia for your safety. With GreeGuru Veined Green Kratom, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality product on the market.


  • 5 – maximum effects, 1 – minimum effects
  • euphoria and good mood: 4
  • concentration, appetite for work and learning: 5
  • motivation for training: 5
  • pain relief: 4
  • Sleep Improvement: 3
  • relief from depression and social phobias: 4

Test results for HEAVY METALS. The detected values ​​comply with the maximum limits for food supplements according to Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1881/06 (Hg=0.1 mg/kg, Pb=3.0 mg/kg, Cd=1.0 mg/kg)

Test results for MYCOTOXINS. All in EU standards.

Test results for PESTICIDES. Tested for over 400 types of pesticide residues

Test results for MITRAGYNINE. t67>.

      Our GreeGuru WHITE kratom is specially designed for hard workers and athletes. It is based on green kratom, but we have added veins from the leaves, which makes the color lighter. Rapidly and long-term increases concentration, motivation to work and performance - all essential attributes that are beneficial for those who strive for excellence. Not only will you feel a rush of energy, but it will also bring you a slightly euphoric and uplifting feeling throughout the day. With GreeGuru White Kratom, you can be sure to maximize your performance while minimizing exhaustion or fatigue. Try GreeGuru White Kratom today and see for yourself the difference it can make!

      . Our selection allows you to find the ideal strain for your needs and tastes and experience the powerful effects of this herb in a safe way. All of our kratom is produced from sustainably yet ethically sourced harvests, ensuring you're getting the strongest possible product with a significant concentration of beneficial alkaloids. Whether you're looking for invigorating or relaxing effects, GreeGuru has something for everyone!

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      Fajn obchod

      Co jsem objevli tento obchod , tak nakupuji jen zde. Vše super a rozhodně se vyplatí být stálým zákazníkem.