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Kratom powder | Yellow Golg Borneo Kratom | Lab tested | GREENGURU

Kratom powder | Yellow Golg Borneo Kratom | Lab tested | GREENGURU

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Introducing GreeGuru Gold Kratom powder, the ideal choice for those looking to relieve pain and reduce stress. This kratom powder has been fermented for 10 days to increase the potency compared to basic green kratom, making it ideal for beginners who may be wary of stronger strains. The fine powder ensures easy absorption, while 2x UV sterilization gives you the confidence that your product is hygienic and safe. Gold Kratom Powder has a mild sedative effect, making it ideal if you struggle with insomnia or want to relax before bed. Not only does it help relieve physical pain, it can also provide emotional healing by alleviating anxiety and depression. Whether you want to relax after a busy day or have chronic pain that you want to relieve, GreeGuru Gold Kratom Powder will help you bring harmony back into your life.


  • 5 – maximum effects, 1 – minimum effects

  • euphoria and good mood: 1
  • concentration, appetite for work and learning: 1
  • motivation for training: 1
  • pain relief: 4
  • improve sleep: 4
  • relief from depression and social phobias: 3

Test results for HEAVY METALS. The detected values ​​comply with the maximum limits for food supplements according to Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1881/06 (Hg=0.1 mg/kg, Pb=3.0 mg/kg, Cd=1.0 mg/kg)

Test results for MYCOTOXINS. All in EU standards.

Test results for PESTICIDES. Tested for over 400 types of pesticide residues

Test results for MITRAGYNINE. t70>.

    Kratom GreeGuru GOLD, a unique and specially developed product that is an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced kratom users. The basis of this special strain is green kratom that has been fermented for up to ten days to achieve an extremely strong yet mild sedative effect. The result is an ideal balance between energy and relaxation, allowing you to focus more intensely on the task at hand or simply fall into a calming state of mind. In addition, GreeGuru GOLD Kratom contains all-natural ingredients such as alkaloids and flavonoids that can help promote a sense of physical well-being. So whether you're new to the world of kratom or looking for something new to experiment with, GreeGuru's GOLD kratom has what you need! Be sure to try it today!

    . Our selection allows you to find the ideal strain for your needs and tastes and experience the powerful effects of this herb in a safe way. All of our kratom is produced from sustainably yet ethically sourced harvests, ensuring you're getting the strongest possible product with a significant concentration of beneficial alkaloids. Whether you're looking for invigorating or relaxing effects, GreeGuru has something for everyone!

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    Jiný obal

    Vzhled balení byl je jiný. Prodejce to vysvětlil chybou dodavatele obalů. Ale kompenzoval to hezkým dárkem v podobě většího množství, tak hodnotím kladně.